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Themed Adventure Hunts

Think, "The Amazing Race," but with a fun mission party theme!

We will design a custom adventure hunt with multiple locations and fun stations! Using rhymes and riddles we will get your guests from one location to the next. At each location they will have an exciting challenge or funny activity to complete.

Each Adventure Hunt has a crazy story that goes with the party theme and of course, there is a bit of a mystery to the scheme. 

Our custom adventure hunts are perfect for children's parties, adult birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, churches, schools, and community events.

(Most of our hunts can also be paired with a murder or non-murder mystery party.)

Adventure Hunt Party Themes:
  • The Adventures of the Treasure Hunters! (Inspired by Indiana Jones)
  • The DS Disaster: The Ultimate Gamer's Mission
  • Super Sluethz: The Homes House Hunt
  • Haunted House: Ghosts, Goblins, & Mystery
  • World of Wizards: The Magical Mission (Inspired by Harry Potter)
  • The Super Villainz vs. The Super Heroes
  • Rock Starz: Battle of the Bandz
  • The Pampered Princess & the Missing Tiara
  • Tales of the Toys (Inspired by Toy Story)                     
  • Pirates of Mystery Cove: The Search for Missing Treasure
  • Special Forces: The Camouflage Capture
  • Sports Starz: The Search for the School Trophy
  • The Great Circus Chase!
  • A Day at the Zoo: The Hunt for the Missing Monkey
  • The Luau Look-out!
  • Disco Destination: The Search for the Missing Disco Ball (70's Disco theme)
  • The Hippie Heyday! (60's Woodstock theme)
  • The Sock Hop Search! (50's early Rock n' Roll theme)
  • Mystery, Money & Mafia! (20's Gangster theme)
  • The Great Cash Chase at the Casino! 
  • The Mystery Masquerade and the Missing Mask
  • Team Vampire vs. Team Werewolf (Inspired by Twilight)

Have a different theme in mind? We are constantly writing new parties in order to grow our party theme selection. Please check with us to see if your theme is in the works. If it is, we will move it to the front of the line so it will be ready in time for your party!

A sample Adventure Hunt:

Your party begins with an explanation of the party rescue mission.  Using The DS Disaster: The Ultimate Gamer's Mission as an example, the intro goes--- "Bowser's Troops kidnapped your dearest friend today. Help is needed, please do not delay! Your friend is waiting for your assistance, but BEWARE! Bowser's Troops will provide much resistance! It will be hard and it may get rough, but I know you are all very tough. So I must ask, before I send you out on your first task, "Do you accept this rescue mission? Or will Bowser put you into submission?"

After the group has agreed to the rescue mission, they will be given a clue to their first challenge location. At each challenge location, they will be faced with a fun and crazy challenge that matches your party theme, such as the Koopa Troopa Escape. Here, a series of Koopa Troopas are placed in a path. Each participant has to walk or jump on the Koopa Troopas to the end of the path without stepping off the Koopa Troopa.  After successfully completing this challenge, they will receive the clue to their next challenge location. This next location could be Cheep-Cheep Cup Balance! Cheep-Cheeps are those crazy red and green fish that seem to fly at Mario when he is least expecting it. Each participant will take a turn walking very carefully from Point A to Point B while balancing a small Dixie cup with water & some gold fish crackers on their head.  After successfully completing this challenge, they will receive their clue for the next challenge. During the Adventure Hunt, the participants will receive clues of riddles and rhymes to get them to the customized challenge locations on their Adventure Hunt. The final challenge will solve the rescue mission and find the missing "item"; in this case, it is a toy figure from Super Mario Bros. This item can then be given to the guest of honor as a keepsake from his/her party. (A shopping list is provided with the supplies needed for the challenge activities.)

How to arrange for Hints n' Hunts at your next party:


At Hints n' Hunts our goal is to make this as easy for you as possible.

  • Contact us with your party date and theme. We will assist you in gathering the rest of the details from there!

What's Included with this Adventure Hunt:

  • Custom Adventure Hunt for up to two teams.
  • Shopping List for activity/challenge items
  • Adventure Hunt package printed
  • Adventure Hunt Award Certificates
  • Adventure Hunt "Mystery" Missing Item
  • Party Planning Guide & Adventure Hunt Instructions

The Cost:

8 Station Hunt - $80
10 Station Hunt - $100
12 Station Hunt - $120
15 Station Hunt - $150

Additional Stations - $10/station
Additional Teams - $25/team

Custom Party Invitations (15) & Electronic File - $15
Additional Printed Party Invitations- $1/invitation

Party Hostess- $50/hour
We will come to your party, organize the hunt, and make sure everything runs smoothly!

Guest Party Favor Bags - please inquire
We can put together a party favor bag that matches your theme for each of your guests. Just let us know what your budget is and we will put it together for you.

Murder Mystery Add-on - please inquire
We can add a murder or non-murder mystery to several of our hunts. Please inquire if you are interested in adding this option. You will receive a discounted rate on the mystery package.


Have another theme in mind, but can't find it on our list?

Just let us know what you are looking for!     



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